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About Colorado Depression Helpline

The Colorado Depression Helpline dedicates its efforts to giving information on depression and aid to anyone who needs it. With our team of professionals, we will help to get the caller in touch with the right treatment provider and on the path towards recovery.

Many people with depression may not be aware they have it and try to live each day with an illness which can be treated. For many, having a depressive illness alienates them and makes them feel alone and helpless. Depression can take on different forms and has a variety of symptoms. It can be a co-occurring illness which can lead to, or be caused by, substance abuse. Individuals with untreated depression can end up harming those around them as well as themselves.

If you or a loved one is experiencing the signs or symptoms of depression and have questions please call us at any time for more information. You do not have to go through your depression alone. Treat your depression now and get your life back.


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