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No one has to go through depression alone. It has been found by the National Alliance on Mental Illness that around 6.7 percent of American Adults, about 14.8 million people, live with major depression. The Colorado Depression helpline works to aid anyone struggling with the battle against depression. For many, this battle can seem to be an endless uphill trek. By seeking help for depression, you can find a treatment which works best for you, become involved in support groups with others who understand depression and overall better mental health wellness in life. If you have any immediate questions, call or use our live chat option to message a representative.

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The first step to recovery is to seek treatment. Trying to live with depression, while lacking the understanding and treatments available will make life terrible. In order to seek treatment, it is important to open up about the symptoms of depression experienced. Living in denial will only make the symptoms worse and cause pain. Learn about the symptoms and signs of depression today to start the process of recovery.

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The second step is to receive a diagnosis from a trained professional and learn about your depression. Depression can vary in manifestation and intensity. There may also be other conditions that develop due to depression. There is no single treatment for depression and some may need customized treatments. Once a treatment has been developed and tailored to your form of depression, the healing can begin.

Depression Rehab in Colorado


The third step is learning to live with depression. Many find that even with treatment mixes of medication and therapy; they still need a support group of others who understand them. It is recommended to join a support group in your area, to have people who will understand your illness and do more than just shrug their shoulders. Living with depression can feel like an uphill battle, but does not have to be. A support group will help you cope, endure and rise above.


The symptoms of depression can vary and not everyone will experience the same symptoms. Some forms of depression can be more extreme than others. Yet there are a few symptoms most seem to share. Some of these include, constant sad or empty feelings, lack of pleasure in once enjoyable hobbies, feeling hopeless or worthless, fatigue, insomnia and suicidal ideation. The Colorado Government found, through a survey, nearly two thirds of people in Colorado who died by suicide, experienced depression around the time of their death.


It is crucial to receive treatment from a professional treatment center once depression has been diagnosed. A holistic treatment center can offer medications, cognitive behavioral therapy; yoga, art, music and equine therapy, and neurofeedback. The proper facility should also include individual treatment. The core value should not only be to treat the current illness, but continue to offer long term treatment and support. Depression can also lead to substance abuse and even addiction. In many cases, a mental health treatment facility should be able to diagnose any behavioral or co-existing problems. A dual diagnosis treatment program will assess and diagnose all mental illnesses and addictions, finding treatment that works for the patient.


It can be difficult for people to understand what you are going through with depression. For many, having depression makes them feel that they are alone, but that is not true. 14.8 million People live with depression in America and can receive treatment. Depression is much more than just a single day of sadness or feeling blue, it is a constant illness that can be treated if sought out.

If you or a loved one face depression daily and need help, treatment is available. Through treatment involving medication, several modalities of therapy and support groups, those suffering are better equipped to live with depression. Our 24/7 helpline also offers aid and information from trained professionals for anyone in need.

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