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8 ways to get over a broken affair

10-24 | Rachael

8 ways to get over a broken affair

The end of a romantic relationship is extremely painful to say the least. It is a heartbreaking journey that can be damaging to one’s mental health. Breakups bring dark, distorted and devastating negative thoughts to the surface that test one’s emotional resilience.

People predisposed to anxiety and depression can take breakups really badly and at the end may not be able to manage the aftereffects. Losing someone can hit people so hard that they begin to experience the overwhelming feeling of rejection and guilt. Some people begin to pursue an activity to its extreme to distract themselves from their plight. Unfortunately, excessive indulgence in a particular activity can soon become an obsessive disorder.

Everyone experiences breakups differently, based on the intensity of the relationship and the level of vulnerability experienced during and after the breakup. A person goes into grief as he or she experiences loss. There is no perfect solution to get over a broken affair. However, a few coping mechanisms might help a person to navigate his or her way through such a distressing journey to feel whole again.

Getting over the domino effect of a breakup

Irrespective of the longevity of a relationship, people are prone to witnessing a domino effect of the breakup of separation on their mental health. Such a tragic moment has the potential to trigger negative and cynical thinking, especially among people already suffering from mental health issues. Here are a few ways to deal with a breakup sensibly:

  • Breaking all contacts with the former partner is the thumb rule of overcoming a breakup. All letters and cards need to be either disposed of or stored away out of sight. All means of communication and the places where the ex usually hangs out need to be avoided. This also applies to social media communication. Since the internet is everywhere, it could be a challenge to resist the temptation to crosscheck the activities of the ex. However, it is necessary to disconnect completely.
  • Connecting with old friends and family assists in defeating all kind of emotional challenges of a breakup. Besides moral support, the loving physical contacts like a hug releases oxytocin hormones that helps one to calm down. One needs to surround himself or herself with supportive and positive people.
  • Investing in one’s emotional health and prioritizing his or her physical health to avoid repercussions of a breakup, such as disrupted sleep, poor appetite, weak immune system, etc. Regular physical exercise helps in releasing neurotransmitters, such as dopamine that renews energy and enthusiasm. It will release endorphins that can take some of the heartaches away.
  • Popping a pain reliever like an aspirin can relieve some of the physical pain experienced due to heartbreak, according to a research. The term “broken heart” isn’t just a metaphor as the rhythmic beatings of the heart are slowed down after such tragic incidents. Other implications include activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and constriction of the airways that makes it hard to breathe.
  • Honoring one’s personal journey through grief after a breakup and gradually let go of the past since “time heals all wounds.” Therefore, one should allow himself or herself to take out time to ensure that both physical and psychological wounds heal completely.
  • Reflecting on a breakup is fine if it doesn’t end in self-pity. Calmly reflecting on the event may help, but dwelling on it will not. Grief is an essential aspect of coping with a loss, but one should not allow himself or herself to wallow in it.
  • Rushing into a new relationship immediately after a breakup will only serve as a distraction that will slow down recovery. Moreover, starting a new relationship just after the breakup is not right.
  • Reorganizing one’s routine after a breakup will be a challenge, but will eventually provide a fresh perspective of his or her life. Gradually, one must find something interesting to do or rediscover an old hobby. Moreover, one must transition from negative to positive thinking.

Road to recovery

A broken affair, divorce or even a spat with the best friend can be emotionally draining and damaging to mental health. Such incidents can lead some to depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is essential to share one’s fears and inhibitions with family members and experts to avoid worsening of condition or extreme measures, such as suicide.

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